This workshop is a deep process where different techniques of dynamic meditation and breathing are integrated, together with bioenergetics, art, dancing, shamanic trances and silence; generating an ideal loving and meditative context to immerse ourselves in our inner world and understand who we are.

This workshop was born from the deep experience that Leiza and Anan have had in their trainings with different respiratory methods, as well as the internal effects they have experienced through their own constant and personal practice.

What are the benefits of this workshop?

  • Balance the flow of vital energy in our body.
  • Release our accumulated emotional stress.
  • Understand the roots of certain behavioral conditionings such as anger, anxiety, depression, fear of failure, codependency, among others.
  • Feel trust in our heart and in life again.
  • Know the origin of wounds related to our childhood and sexuality.
  • Become aware of our body connecting with our true emotional needs.
  • Learn to meditate in a simple way through different meditation techniques that we share with music and a written guide to take with you as life tools.