Join our deep workshops where we integrate meditation techniques, breath-work, primal therapy, bioenergetics, family constellation, dancing, among others.


Wings of Freedom

Intensive Workshop of Meditation and Breath-Work

“Breathing is our direct connection with life; unresolved emotional wounds change the natural flow of our breathing, and this causes us to lose contact with our spirituality.”

– Anan Nodedt

This workshop is a deep process where different techniques of dynamic meditation and breathing are integrated, with bioenergetics, art, dancing, shamanic trances and silence; generating an ideal loving and meditative context to immerse ourselves in our inner world and understand who we are.

Workshops for Business Organizations

Love, Work and Relationships
The pillars of the inner integration

“The laws of the material world are transformed when they come into contact with the laws of our spiritual world, creating a success called happiness.”

– Anan Nodedt

This workshop integrates three very important tools currently used by companies that have decided to take a more human approach: organizational constellation, assertive communication and meditation.
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Free Pedagogy

“Assign children more freedom and less empire, let them do more by themselves and demand less from others.”

– Jacques Rousseau

Our “Free Pedagogy” workshops are directed to teachers and/or parents interested in knowing themselves and learning in depth how the psychological, emotional and physical aspects of the child works.
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