We assess the creation of rural and urban organic orchards in Latin America and we are advisors in the construction of sustainable houses based on bio-architecture.


Agroecology strengthens the scientific, methodological and technical bases for a sustainable agrarian revolution, taking biodiversity and energy efficiency as the main axes within a fair social exchange that provides the basis for food sovereignty.

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We assess and build sustainable houses based on bio-architecture.

Anan’s habitable artworks are unique concepts. Each of his creations contemplates ecology and sustainability not as a fashion, but as a more conscious lifestyle.

Some of his works:

  • “Tonantzin” Clinic in Hermosillo, Mexico
  • “Tlaneci Nantli” House in Guadalajara, Mexico
  • “Equilibrium Healing Resort” in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
  • Kaypacha Farm, sierras de Jalisco, Mexico.