“Intimacy, Love and Freedom”

This is a group for brave couples who yearn for freedom and to break with the unconscious imposed by society on how a couple should be; it is for men and women who are seeking to experience themselves and experience the other from their true essence. It is a space to dare to look at the other as he/she is, and more importantly, to show ourselves as we truly are.

This group is intended for couples who want to go deeper in their relationship, who want to grow in love and freedom, and who are willing to know each other in depth, without masks. It is a workshop to discover the other as an individual beyond all the projections and expectations we have created about him/her. It is a space to show ourselves as we are and from that space, embrace each other as life partners.


  • Give couples support to grow as individuals.
  • Learn to bring meditation to the sexual act.
  • Expansion of the Sexual Union.
  • Deepen in intimacy and trust.
  • Know the fears, repressions, conditionings, feelings, emotions and beliefs that we are unable to see regularly.
  • Learn how to communicate in a sincere and compassionate way.
  • Become aware of each other’s needs and stop blaming the other.
  • Learn to nourish ourselves in Love from Consciousness.
  • Understand how the sexual energetic metabolism works in men and women.

“Love has many dimensions, or at least three: the physical one, which can be transformed into sex; the psychological one, which becomes friendship, and the spiritual one, which turns into prayer. And in love, these three dimensions can be present simultaneously, but they are all part of a loving approach to life”

– Osho