The Path of the Inner Warrior

“A life-transforming retreat”

Throughout eight days we immerse ourselves in a therapeutic, meditative and spiritual retreat that addresses the three most important stages of our life: childhood, adolescence and adulthood, integrating them to the consciousness of the inner being.


When we are small, the state of purity in which we find ourselves makes us vulnerable to the unconscious energies of the adults that surround us, mainly those of mom and dad.

In this stage we introduce ourselves in a very deep journey directly to the first years of our life.

Bringing light and discovering what these conditionings are, will make us feel free, giving a new quality to our life: a sense of freshness and a new way to see ourselves, to relate with our parents, partners and children. The act of discovering our original face allows us to integrate with our inner child; thus, beginning the beautiful adventure of growing up.


Many of us grew up in families where talking about sex was a big taboo, touching our genitals was frowned upon, we rarely saw mom and dad naked, some of us have been abused by neighbors or relatives, and religions have taught us that it is bad to feel pleasure.

All these beliefs rooted in our unconscious give rise to a division between our body and our mind, and all the hormonal torrent that is flowing naturally from our genitals to our heart, is blocked.

By exploring the conditioning and traumas related to our sexual energy, a flow of healing energy begins to be set free, and the same energy that was obstructing the natural movement of our sexuality –now free-, transforms into love and sensitivity.


Upon reaching this space, we begin to understand our whole inner struggle.

When you are no longer afraid to be with yourself, when being with yourself brings peace, love, understanding, and joy, then you begin to glimpse the doorway to your inner home; you have returned home and the blessings descend from above, transforming your life into a silent valley filled with beautiful flowers, it is no longer necessary to go anywhere, just to be here and now.

“The conscious exploration of our corporal temple leads us to the encounter with the sacred, on the road of transcendence, nothing has to be denied, everything has to be lived”.

– Anan Nodedt