“The liberation of the inner child”

“The Essential Scream” takes place to help us introduce ourselves into a very deep journey to the first years of our lives.

By integrating different techniques such as primal therapy, bioenergetics, family constellation, dancing, breathing, and meditative trances, we immerse ourselves in a deep exploration of our childhood.

Bringing light and discovering what these conditionings are, will make us feel free, giving a new quality to our life: a sense of freshness and a new way to see ourselves, to relate with our parents, partners and children.

The act of discovering our original face allows us to integrate with our inner child; thus, beginning the beautiful adventure of growing up.

What are the benefits of this retreat?

  • Start the journey back to yourself.
  • Heal your childhood wounds and begin to see life with more love, joy and spontaneity
  • Understand the root of your negative energy
  • Know your creative nature in depth
  • Learn tools that will help you become more aware and responsible for your life
  • Experience profound changes in your life

“Unless you involve all of your energy in the healing of your childhood, the most beautiful secrets of your life will remain hidden behind the eyes of the wounded child that lives inside you”
Anan Nodedt