Clan of the Sun

“The birth of a new man”

This is an exclusive group for men who strive for a deep encounter with themselves and seek to resolve wounds rooted in the male collective unconscious.

In this group, we become aware that internally we are both male and female; by integrating and understanding our inner feminine, we discover a new way of relating with ourselves and with the women around us.

This group will allow you to directly experience your male and female energies, so as to discover their natural depth and to recognize the contributions each of these energies brings to your life.

Benefits of the process

  • You will learn the art of balance and how these two essential aspects within you can come into harmony.
  • You will experience the promise of transformation, liberating the natural love in your heart and the power and intelligence every man has within.
  • You will experience what being complete and self-centered is like.

“Osho created this group to give men the possibility to discover their true nature and to live in freedom. It is for men who want to find out for themselves what it is to be a man”.

– Anan Nodedt