Each one of our retreats will help you to discover your original face, to go inside yourself and live a life full of joy and fulfillment.

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The Path of the Inner Warrior

“A life-transforming experience”

“The conscious exploration of our corporal temple of our body leads us to the encounter with the sacred; on the road of transcendence, nothing has to be denied, everything has to be lived.” – Anan Nodedt.”

– Anan Nodedt

Throughout eight days we immerse ourselves in a therapeutic, meditative and spiritual retreat that addresses the three most important stages of our life: childhood, adolescence and adulthood, integrating them to the consciousness of the inner being.

When you are no longer afraid to be with yourself, when being with yourself brings peace, love, understanding, and joy, then you begin to glimpse the doorway to your inner home; you have returned home and the blessings descend from above, transforming your life into a silent valley filled with beautiful flowers, it is no longer necessary to go anywhere, just to be here and now.


Clan of the Sun

“The birth of a new man”

“Osho created this group to give men the possibility to discover their true nature and to live in freedom. It is for men who want to find out for themselves what it is to be a man”

This is an exclusive group for men who strive for a deep encounter with themselves and seek to resolve wounds rooted in the male collective unconscious. In this group, we become aware that internally we are both male and female; by integrating and understanding our inner feminine, we discover a new way of relating with ourselves and with the women around us.


Conscious couple

“Intimacy, Love and Freedom”

“Love has many dimensions, or at least three: the physical one, which can be transformed into sex; the psychological one, which becomes friendship, and the spiritual one, which turns into prayer. And in love, these three dimensions can be present simultaneously, but they are all part of a loving approach to life”.


This group is intended for couples who want to go deeper in their relationship, who want to grow in love and freedom, and who are willing to know each other in depth, without masks.


The Essential Scream

“The liberation of the inner child”

“Unless you involve all of your energy in the healing of your childhood, the most beautiful secrets of your life will remain hidden behind the eyes of the wounded child that lives inside you”. 

– Anan Nodedt

“The Essential Scream” takes place to help us introduce ourselves into a very deep journey to the first years of our lives.