Leiza Lau

Born on March 28, 1982 in Chiapas, Mexico. Her Mexican father and Chinese mother allowed her to grow up having a broad way of understanding reality. Being fortunate to live in six different countries in America and Europe due to her father’s work, her childhood and adolescence were full of trips and changes, which triggered in her an inner call of search and for understanding life and herself in a deeper way than what she was able to see around her.

However, it wasn’t until her years in university,  while pursuing a degree in Communication and during a class called Daily Life Semiology , that she had her first jolt to her still small understanding of life, which forged the decisive desire to start working on herself in order to better understand her emotions and heal the wounds of her past, which eventually led to an interest in human problems linked to our conditioning and emotions.

Once graduated, her desire to grow pushed her to challenge a social and work structure that little fostered her freedom and essence, so, against all family and social “musts” she continued to open up to trips and experiences of search and inner growth, being the most compelling one in 2012 with the process “The Path of the Inner Warrior”, a range of experiential workshops designed to solve, understand and integrate the stages of childhood and adolescence to the adult’s consciousness, guided by the renowned therapist , Anan Nodedt. After living this transformation process, her unease led her to approach him and his project “Granja Kaypacha” (Kaypacha Farm) located in Tapalpa, Jalisco, where she lives since 2013 and where both began to experience a deep friendship that eventually became love, taking them to enter a new stage of life as a couple.

The years in Kaypacha led Leiza to actively participate in Anan’s workshops by giving support and contention; thus, continuing with her path and training of personal and professional enrichment. Also, during this stage she began a self-exploration and self-study on her menstrual cycle in order to deepen directly and actively in this phenomenon that accompanies all women, but of which little is spoken and known of.

She has participated in deep meditation, therapy and inner work groups guided by internationally renowned therapists. With Ma Prem Upchara and Ma Anand Aseema, she lived the process “Women’s Liberation”, a group created by Osho to heal the wounds of the female unconscious and to understand and integrate the masculine to our consciousness, becoming eventually the organizer of this process for Mexico, and Upchara’s personal assistant in this country. She participated in the “Power” group, guided by Upchara in Chile, a process designed to deeply understand all the unconscious mechanisms around power games, such as manipulation, guilt and judgments.

Since her arrival in Kaypacha, she immersed herself fully in the experience of meditation, learning and practicing Osho’s dynamic meditations, integrating them to her lifestyle and which she currently shares in meditation groups throughout Mexico.

In 2015 she trained as a Yin-Yoga teacher and for two years she immersed herself in
the experience of Amazonian Shamanism with sacred plants to understand her own inner healing more deeply.

She lived the group “Satori”, a Zen meditation process guided by the Canadian teacher and Osho’s disciple, Chandrakala, and participated in the Tantra Training guided by Homa and Mukto in Brazil.

Her desire to grow and deepen into herself is tireless. As she has healed and understood her inner world, she has gathered tools that all these groups and trainings have given her. From this internal integration she has created the workshop “Lotus Flower”, a group and individual work space with women to re-signify issues around the feminine collective unconscious, sexuality, femininity and menstrual cycle, bringing awareness to the present moment and from there, explore the psychological and corporal wounds and blocks in a soft and deep way. With her work, she supports women to connect with their body and emotions in order to heal and live life in a more loving, integrated way, in touch with the heart.

Since 2013 she travels with her life partner Anan Nodedt; thus, creating their new project, Leiza-Anan. Leiza’s love and Anan’s meditation make their inner growth retreats and workshops a celebration for the soul and consciousness. Since then, they travel all over the world learning new tools, sharing their experience of inner growth and leading groups to mystical journeys to Machu Picchu, Thailand, Mayan Route Mexico, Iguazu Falls, among others.

In her travels with Anan, Leiza also shares conferences for women, guides meditation groups and gives individual breathing and tantra sessions for women and couples.

“The longing to be you requires that you allow yourself to surrender and be with what is. To let go of the constant struggle between your mind and your body and open up to the gift of being you at every moment, without changing anything at all. It is only in this surrender that you can embrace all that you are, and flourish. “-Leiza Lau