Learn how Leiza’s love and Anan’s meditation make their inner growth retreats and workshops a celebration for the soul and consciousness.


Born on March 28, 1982 in Chiapas, Mexico. Her Mexican father and Chinese mother allowed her to grow up having a broad way of understanding reality. Being fortunate to live in six different countries in America and Europe due to her father’s work, her childhood and adolescence were full of trips and changes, which triggered in her an inner call of search and for understanding life and herself in a deeper way than what she was able to see around her.


He was born on October 2nd, 1977 in a small coastal town called Solymar, 20 kilometers from Montevideo, Uruguay. Being his father a bricklayer and his mother a housekeeper, Anan grew up in a humble environment where the basic needs were barely managed to be covered. From a very young age, he enjoyed accompanying his father to the building sites where he began to take a deep interest and charm for construction.

Since 2013 ANAN NODEDT began traveling with his life partner LEIZA LAU; thus, creating their new project LEIZA-ANAN. Since then, they travel all over the world learning new tools, sharing their experience of inner growth, and leading groups to mystical journeys to Machu Picchu, Thailand, Mayan Route Mexico, Iguazu Falls, among others.