Together in love and awareness for our Mother Earth

We dream of a world inhabited by men and women more aware of their inner world, and a future with trees, rivers, and oceans of clean water for our children.

Years reforesting rural areas in Latin America

peasant families benefited from the construction of a deep water well

years teaching art, music, English and theater to rural children

Children benefited by the foundation of the “Seeds of Light” Middle School

Children received the magic of Christmas and the Three Kings Day

Protection of the highest waterfall in Jalisco

Who are Leiza and Anan?

Learn how Leiza’s love and Anan’s meditation make their inner growth retreats and workshops a celebration for the soul and consciousness.


“The longing to be you requires that you allow yourself to surrender and be with what is. To let go of the constant struggle between your mind and your body and open up to the gift of being you at every moment, without changing anything at all. It is only in this surrender that you can embrace all that you are, and flourish. “-Leiza Lau
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“The conscious exploration of our corporal temple leads us to the encounter with the sacred; on the road of transcendence, nothing has to be denied, everything has to be lived. “- Anan Nodedt
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The time has come to Transform Your Life


We will take you to discover who you are through deep and transformational retreats that will make you live to the fullest.

Experiential Workshops:

Deep learning experiences in meditation techniques, breath-work and primal therapy.

Individual Sessions:

Spiritual counseling sessions where you will be supported to bring all your consciousness to the present moment to obtain clarity of a specific situation.

Mystical Journeys:

We organize trips around the world, transforming the activity of traveling into a meditative experience.


Construction and counselling on the creation of sustainable houses and organic orchards based on Latin American bio-architecture.


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june, 2024

Thailand 2019

Learn about our next experiences and discover your original face.

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March 4th – 21st, 2019

Workshops and conferences given in Latin America and Europe

People who have discovered their inner world

Projects of bioconstruction and organic orchards in Latin America
** Altruistic Activities: **

Families supported in health and education in Mexico

Workshops in agriculture, art, and meditation for children in Mexico